Church at Home for Kids

Below are age-appropriate videos for Ages 2-Grade 3 from the reThink Orange children’s curriculum with a worship session and Bible story that is presented in an entertaining way. After the video, read the parent guide for an activity, conversation starter, and prayer to help reinforce what your child learned. This month these students are learning about resilience.

This fall, students grades 4-6 started a new curriculum called The Gospel Project, which will take our students through the entire Bible over the course of three years. As a family, read the passage provided and discuss the questions.

Weekly experiences for the month of May are now available:

GraceKids Preschool (Ages 2-5)

GraceKids Elementary (Grades K-3)

Element 456 (Grades 4-6)

Week 1

Read Joshua 23-24.

Week 2

Read Judges 2.

Week 3

Read Ruth 1-4.

Week 4

Read 1 Samuel 1-3.

Week 5

Read 1 Samuel 2, 4-6.

Week 1 Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think Joshua reminded the people of the good things God had done for them?
  2. Do you think the people kept their promise to worship only God? Why or Why not?

Family Activity: Devise a series of challenges – such as building a house of cards that is at lease one foot tall, balancing an egg on end, or emptying a bucket without tipping it – that your family will try to complete, each in one minute or less. Discuss the ways obeying God can feel challenging.

Week 2 Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think the next generation of Israelites forgot about God?
  2. Why did God keep rescuing the Israelites again and again?

Family Activity: Work with your family to plan and build a large, chain reaction machine that accomplishes a simple task. Discuss the nature of cause and effect, and talk about the causes of Israel’s rebellion, its effects on their lives, and the way Jesus helps us break cycles of sin in our lives.

Week 3 Discussion Questions

  1. Why did Ruth want to stay with Naomi?
  2. What are some ways God provided for Ruth?
  3. How has God provided for us?

Family Activity: Buy whole stems of wheat from a specialty grocer or online. Allow your kids to handle and taste it. Then, use a blender, grain mill, spice grinder, or mortar and pestle to grind the wheat into flour. Point out how much grain it takes to make even a small amount of flour. Review the Bible story, and discuss ways God provides for us.

Week 4 Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think it means to “pour your heart out” to the Lord? Have you ever done that?
  2. How do you think Hannah felt when she dedicated Samuel to serve in the temple?

Family Activity: Volunteer with your family to serve your church in some way, such as cleaning or organizing classrooms for the kids ministry. Discuss the ways Hannah and Samuel each had to trust God. Talk about the different ways we have to trust God, too.

Week 5 Discussion Question

  1. Why didn’t carrying the ark of the covenant into battle help Israel defeat the Philistines?
  2. What are some ways God showed He has power over idols and false Gods?

Family Activity: Work with your kids to decorate a large shoe box to be a “Family Treasure Box.” Decide together what items should go into it to serve as reminders of vacations, outings, or other fun times spent together. Discuss the ways the ark was more than a “treasure box.”