Family Activities

Whether you’re kids are at home bored, or you’re just looking for some new things to do with your family, these activities are the perfect start!


Do something creative with this week’s Bible story, found here. You can draw a picture, act it out in a skit, write a song, sculpt it in clay, or anything else that you can think of! Encourage your family to be as creative as possible. These activities can help your child remember the Bible stories that they are learning every week.


The classic game freeze dance is sure to get your kids moving! Play some of your favorite worship music, or use our Spotify and YouTube playlists, and have a dance party in your living room or kitchen. Pause the music randomly and have everyone freeze in place, if someone moves while the music is paused, they are out! Push play, and continue dancing! To make it extra challenging, try having your family do chores while the music is playing too, but still freeze while the music is paused.


Set up a laboratory at your kitchen table with a plastic tablecloth or newspaper, paper towels, and plastic gloves or zip-top bags. Place a large mixing bowl on the covered table and gather your kids around it. Add 2 cups of cornstarch and 1 cup of water into the bowl and mix it well. Have your family members take turns adding the ingredients or mixing. Once it’s all mixed up, encourage the family to take turns playing with the goo. Provide plastic gloves or place pieces in zip-top bags for those who may not want to touch the mixture with their hands. Remind them to keep their hands over the bowl so they don’t spread the mess around. Talk about what happens to the goo when you squeeze it in your fist versus when you open your hand. Sometimes, the goo will be tough when it is squeezed, but then it drips back into the bowl. Life sometimes gets tough too, but we keep going and then it gets better! You can make it personal by telling the kids about a time when you kept going even when things got tough, and as you kept going, it actually got easier. Make sure to keep it appropriate and relevant for young kids. When you’re finished, help clean their hands and encourage them to help clean up the mess that was made.


Participate in Grace’s “Give Help” Initiatives! There are several ways to pitch in and make a difference during this Coronavirus pandemic, and the Thank You Card initiative is a great way to get your kids involved.


The classic game “the Floor is Lava” is sure to get your family to exercise their minds and bodies. Start by collecting random items from around the house – pillows, couch cushions, chairs, stools, etc. – and set them on the floor randomly around the room. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even set it up all over the house. Once a parent says “the floor is lava,” everyone must step on something that isn’t the floor, and move around the playing area without touching the ground. You can turn it into a game by setting up a race or competition. For example, you could place a special item in the center of the room and see who can get to it first. Or, you can race the rest of the family from one side of the room to the other. The possibilities are endless! Play as long as interest lasts. When you are done, encourage your kids to help put everything back where they belong.

We want to share in the fun! Post pictures of your activities on Facebook tagging GraceKids Children’s Ministries or Instagram tagging @GraceKidsDT.