Do you want to be part of a team that continues to make Grace a great place to welcome friends and guests?  Do you have special skills or are you willing to just jump in and lend a hand?  We need individuals that are willing to clean, set-up, weed, and fix things.  And someone who can organize it all!

  • We have amazing ministry going on every day of the week.  This requires hours of setting up and taking down tables, chairs, etc.  If you are willing to volunteer one day a week, or can help out for special events, we need you!

    Gifts:  Service
    Strengths:  Arranger, Positivity

  • If you can push a vacuum, clean a mirror or dust some tables, we need you to ensure Grace is clean and welcoming every day of the week.  We can put you to work on a schedule that works for you.

    Gifts:  Hospitality, Service
    Strengths:  Achiever, Arranger

  • If you have skills in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, general maintenance, handyman abilities, painting, masonry or carpentry ~ we need you!  There are always things to be done on a campus our size.

    Gifts:  Service, Knowledge
    Strengths:  Responsibility, Focus

  • The first impression someone has of Grace is our campus.  We need individuals willing to push a snowblower after a big snow, as well as those that are willing to come weekly to weed a plot of our garden.  We also have spring and fall clean-ups you can participate in!

    Gifts:  Hospitality, Evangelism
    Strengths:  Arranger, Responsibility

  • This individual will work with our Facilities Manager to determine what projects need to be done and arrange for the appropriate volunteer or teams to make that possible.

    Gifts:  Hospitality, Encouragement
    Strengths:  Arranger, Strategic, Includer