Do you have a head for numbers, a background in accounting and a desire to apply your gifts and skills to helping Grace?  We need individuals with backgrounds in accounting and finance to ensure we maintain the transparent approach we have to our finances and that we are proper stewards of God’s gifts to us.

  • We believe that a team approach to our finances is the best, ensuring accountability and accuracy.  We need someone who is skilled in the areas of finance and accounting that is willing to lead a team of individuals.

    Gifts:  Leadership, Administration
    Strengths:  Strategic, Deliberative

  • We rely on a team of 5 – 7 individuals, with backgrounds in finance and accounting, to advise our staff and elders in this important area.

    Gifts:  Administration, Discernment
    Strengths:  Strategic, Achiever

  • Every Monday we have a team of 2 or 3 individuals that count the gifts given to us the previous weekend.  This is a half day commitment.

    Gifts:  Discernment, Knowledge
    Strengths:  Analytical, Consistency

  • There is much more to church finance than counting pennies.  We proactively initiate development policies, create reports, prepare financial statements, assist with campaigns and more.

    Gifts:  Service, Wisdom
    Strengths:  Analytical, Achiever

  • With a budget that approaches or exceeds $2,000,000 each year, it’s critical to have someone with budget experience to advise our staff and leadership team.

    Gifts:  Administration, Discernment
    Strengths:  Analytical, Command