We are blessed to have a library in the main area of our church.  This is a place where you can borrow the latest books, as well as the classics, to help strengthen your walk with God.

  • Because the role of Library Leader is so critical, we want to have a second-in-command learning from the Library Leader to be ready when the Leader goes on sabbatical, vacation or is ready to step down.  They assist with all of the responsibilities the Leader has.

    Gifts:  Leadership, Administration
    Strengths:  Communication, Learner

  • These individuals are available before and after each service to assist with the selection of materials and provide help with the check-out process

    Gifts:  Encouragement, Knowledge
    Strengths:  Developer, Positivity

  • These individuals assist with the computer in the library to ensure it is functional before and after each service.

    Gifts:  Service, Discernment
    Strengths:  Responsibility, Strategic