Soar Detroit

Soar Detroit

Soar Detroit is a ministry partner that provides reading, tutoring and a sports program for anyone calling Grace their home, as well as for the communities that surround us.

Reading/Tutoring Opportunities

  • Reading Specialists prepare lessons, typically giving around 20 hours per week, including some evenings.  This skilled position requires an education background and a school year commitment.

    Gifts:  Knowledge, Encouragement
    Strengths:  Developer, Individualization

  • The safety of our students and mentors is always a primary focus for us.  We need security volunteers who take this very seriously as well.  If you have a background in security, we need your help.

    Gifts:  Service, Discernment
    Strengths:  Discipline, Positivity

  • Our mentors are on the front line of our reading/tutoring program.  Volunteer one or two hours a week to work with a student to improve their reading ability.  We provide training, you provide the smiles & encouragement.

    Gifts:  Knowledge, Encouragement
    Strengths:  Developer, Individualization
    (anyone can do this!!)

Eagle Sports Club

  • As a coach you will guide a group of youngsters with the values of sportsmanship and fair play.  We have opportunities in soccer, flag football, t-ball and baseball.

    Gifts:  Leadership, Teaching, Encouragement
    Strengths:  Developer, Competition

  • Even if you don’t have any sports expertise, you can be paired with another coach who is primarily responsible for sports, and you can focus on encouraging and loving the kids and their families.

    Gifts:  Leadership, Encouragement
    Strengths:  Developer, Includer, Woo

  • Every child must learn to play by the rules, and our referees enforce these rules in a kind and firm manner for both participants and coaches.  If you have experience in soccer, flag football, t-ball or baseball and can donate a few hours each week, please let us know.

    Gifts:  Leadership, Wisdom
    Strengths:  Competition, Communication, Command

  • Every child deserves a safe, beautiful place to play.  We provide that at Balduck Park.  It’s important to maintain it though, and help is needed throughout the week as well as early Saturday mornings to do just that.

    Gifts:  Arts & Crafts, Service
    Strengths:  Belief, Responsibility

  • Before each season, we encourage everyone in our community to participate.  Assisting with registration (making sure forms are filled out correctly, money is collected, etc.) is a huge help for us.  This is a great way to serve without a commitment of every week.

    Gifts:  Administration, Knowledge
    Strengths:  Includer, Positivity

  • Every year we need to clean the equipment and pack it away for the next season.  We try to accomplish this in one day.  Anyone can help, and it’s a great way to serve without a long-term commitment.

    Gifts:  Service
    Strengths:  Connectedness, Arranger