Lead a Group

Dear Potential c-Group Leader:

Thank you for exploring the possibility of leading a c-Group!

At Grace, each c-Group has its unique DNA designed to express the gifts, connectivity, and passions of its members. We have a group for those parenting non-biological children, a group for new attendees at Grace, self-care groups, groups that study the Bible and topical issues, and many other profiles. I invite you to prayerfully bring your creativity to the design of your c-Group’s DNA.

Our groups meet in living rooms; some are on our church campus while others are hosted in individual’s homes. If you plan to meet at Grace, please let me know so I can make room arrangements for you.

Following you will find information that communicates our expectations and recommendations for c-Groups. If you are interested in launching a group, contact me – I am here to assist you! Please let me know how I can be of help.

Tekiendria Batts
Groups Coordinator


What is a c-group?

  • C-groups are unique in various delightful ways, yet core to each group’s purpose is forming Christ-centered community that allows its members to journey together beyond the Sunday service experience.
  • Optimal size is 8-14 members.
  • Always open to new people with plans to multiply periodically.
  • DNA designed to express the gifts and passions of the group.

Why are c-groups necessary?

  • It is the primary space for living out the “One Another” statements of the New Testament.
  • It is the place for care and spiritual growth in the church body.

What’s required of a leader?

  • An honest and deepening relationship with Jesus
  • Articulate clear direction and DNA of your group
  • Ensure a plan is in place for each meeting
  • Member or on track to be a member of Grace
  • Complete the Journey process within three years of starting a c-group
  • Actively recruit group members
  • Communicate church news as needed
  • Intentionality for diversity (not limited to but including race)
  • Identifying and empowering a co-leader
  • Preparing for and planning to multiply
  • Reasonable availability to your group members
  • Coordinate date, time and place of meetings

What’s recommended of a leader?

  • Follow sermon notes or select a group study
  • Have food and/or beverages at your meetings
  • Organize service opportunities
  • Meet twice monthly September – May
  • Meet once monthly June – August

What kind of support will I get as a leader?

  • Two or three leadership equipping events a year
  • Access to Meg Kempton and Sandy Seaton – Groups leadership team.


  • CCB & LEAD App – Church Community Database
  • Rightnowmedia.com
  • You Version Bible App
  • Outreach Opportunities (contact Meg Kempton)