Pregnancy Care

Mission Statement

We offer life-affirming support, hope, healing, and resources in and through Jesus to women and men who are facing,
or who have faced, unplanned pregnancies.

Are you or a family member facing an unplanned pregnancy?

Our hope is that you will choose life for your baby, but we know it can be difficult to navigate all the emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial challenges that come with an unplanned pregnancy. We want to help! We, along with organizations with whom we partner, can provide non-financial support to you: rides to prenatal appointments, parenting classes, friendship and support during labor and delivery, diapers and clothing once your child is born, and many other things! You don’t have to feel alone. Reach out for our help today.

In addition, we offer resources and care for your post-abortive healing. Call and ask about our “Her Choice to Heal” Bible study!