About Us


“OWN yo OWN”

We exist for the Mosaic of students in grades 6-12 at Grace Community Church to help them learn to passionately own their own faith as they strive to live like Jesus Christ.


We will help students own their own faith by helping them grow in their knowledge of the word of God and by building lasting relationships.

We are so grateful to be partnering with parents/guardians and students in their walk with Jesus. For further questions about Grace Youth, please contact Cindy Nicholson.

Meet the Team

The Grace Youth staff is here to support and partner with parents and students as we walk through the teenage years together. E-mail us for any questions that arise throughout the week!

Kevin Dupree, Youth Pastor: kdupree@gracewired.com

Cindy Nicholson, Grace Youth Administrative Assistant: cnicholson@gracewired.com

Ryan Waggoner, Grace Youth Worship Director: rwaggoner@gracewired.com

For more connection and the latest updates, follow Grace Youth Hub on social media!

For further questions or concerns, please contact Cindy Nicholson.